The simple reason to transfer OneDrive to Google Drive could be the less storage. The free storage with Google’s cloud storage system is 15GB while that of Microsoft is only 5GB.

You could always upgrade to higher plans. 100GB, 200GB kind of storage. But that costs money. Once the free storage is full, you can’t upload any files or folders and photos also would stop sync with your drive.

The best bet would be to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive for a while. You get additional 10GB storage with Google’s free cloud service. So open a new account on Google and transfer all the 5GB of OneDrive when it’s full.

Move Folders Files From Onedrive To Google Drive
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 1

Another reason is that you may not like OneDrive’s service. You also want more storage. Then you need to upgrade to higher Google Drive storage plans. In that case, you need to copy OneDrive to Google Drive. You can see the pricing of Google Drive plans here.

But how do you move files from OneDrive to Google Drive without much fuss? In this tutorial we are going to see 4 methods to migrate data from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Migrate Files using VaultMe

One of the easiest ways to transfer photos and documents is to use a cloud tool called VaultMe.

  1. It moves your files both belonging to your and shared ones and is a fully automated solution.
  2. The same hierarchy of files and folders is maintained in the Google Drive also after migration. You get the same exact copy in OneDrive.
  3. The best part is you can close your computer and drink some coffee. Migration will take place in the background.
  4. It happens quickly and no other intervention is required.
  5. Transfer of files from “My Drive” and “Shared with me” happens automatically.
  6. No download of files is required and hence no hard-drive space.
  7. It works online and no offline process.
  8. Folder structure is the same and there is less confusion after transfer.
  9. All Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides are also copied.
  10. Best part is it works with unlimited storage.
  11. Even users with less storage (<5GB) can use it and heavy users like large files (15+GB or 1000 files) also can use it.
  12. A detailed migration report is given.
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Vaultme Pricing Sync One Drive To Google Drive
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 2

Transfer Files using MultCloud

Another cloud app that does migration easily is the MultCloud app. It is a web service. You just need to add both your OneDrive and Google Drive accounts. Then there are few options to transfer files.

  1. Cloud Transfer
  2. Cloud Sync
  3. Cloud Backup
  4. Remote Upload
Migrate Files From Onedrive To Google Drive Cloud Service
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 3

For complete details of each operation you can look into the knowledge base. One of the easy ways to understand migration of OneDrive to Google Drive is using Cloud Transfer.

  1. Add OneDrive and Google Drive accounts to the MultCloud web app.
  2. Required permissions are to be provided.
  3. Click on Cloud Transfer on the left-hand side.
  4. Select the required folders and files from OneDrive.
  5. In the To section select the Google Drive
  6. Click on Transfer Now.

It will take some time to process the copy of the files from OneDrive to Google Drive. The transfer rate is around 1.33MB/s to 3MB/s for a normal free account. You could see the number of files and folders being transferred. Two file limits are placed for a free account. If you want to upload 10 files at a time, then you need to upgrade.

I felt that this service was useful as files on both the cloud services were intact. Even though I transferred files from OneDrive to Google Drive, nothing was deleted. But all the files and folders moved to Google Drive.

It is useful for cross-checking if all the folders and files have moved from one drive to another. Then you can delete the duplicate files and folders in OneDrive. This process gives more confidence in the transfer process.

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Transfer Onedrive To Google Drive
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 4

Wondershare InClowdz – Copy Files from OneDrive to Google Drive

It is a cloud based service that allows transfer of data between two cloud accounts very easily. To migrate data from OneDrive to Google Drive, you can follow the same process as above.

How To Transfer Files Between Onedrive And Google Drive
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 5
  1. Sign Up for Wondershare InClowdz account.
  2. On Windows computers, you can download this web service.
  3. Then add your OneDrive and Google Accounts to the app.
  4. Permissions need to be granted for both of them to work. Accept them.
  5. Click on Transfer on the left-hand side.
  6. Select the Source as OneDrive and Target as Google Drive.
  7. Click on the Transfer button.

Unfortunately this is a premium service. Most of the features are not offered for free. You can only manage the drives in the free option. The pricing structure is also costly.

Wondershare Inclowdz Onedrive To Google Drive Transfer
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 6 – Cloud Service to Transfer Files between OneDrive and Google Drive

It is another cloud migration service that offers to transfer files between cloud drives. It is a web service and did not find any download option for Windows.

Move Files From Onedrive To Google Drive
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 7
  1. Click on Launch Migration Now on the home page.
  2. Sign-up for an account.
  3. There are two types of migration – 1. Simple Migration and 2. Project Migration
  4. For small business users and individuals, the first one will be sufficient for personal storage.
  5. Configure source from the drop-down as OneDrive. Provide the required credentials and authorization.
  6. Click on Save and Configure Destination
  7. Configure destination and select the storage type as Google Drive. Connect to Google. Save and Choose folders.
  8. Select the required folders in OneDrive. I couldn’t see the files. Only folders were visible.
  9. Click on Save and Finalize.
  10. Content options are automatically selected.
  11. Give a name to the Settings. Select the Migration Geographic Region.
  12. Click on Save and Kickoff.
  13. The free version provides 5GB of migration.
  14. You can also Run Free Scan/Simulation to know cost estimation.
  15. It was asking to provide credit card details. Otherwise, the process won’t start. Even if it’s free.
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Advanced Migration Of Onedrive To Google Drive
How To Migrate Onedrive To Google Drive [2024] 8

If you are willing to provide credit card subscription details for a small transfer of 5GB, then you can use this service. For higher data transfer, you need to pay on a pro-rata basis.


Out of all the above cloud services, I found that MultCloud is the cheapest and easiest to do. It provides a lot of free storage for transfer and migration. Also, more options like Sync, Transfer, Backup are provided.

You can always check the folders size in Google Drive, before you implement this solutions. In that way, you can delete the duplicate and unnecessary ones.

The reverse way of GDrive to OneDrive migration also works for most of the services mentioned above. For some other methods you can look at the article here.

In 2022, the cloud transfer services are using the subscription model. So you need to pay to use fast and offline migration. Otherwise, you can always use the offline method.

In that case, you need to download the files from OneDrive and then re-upload them to Google Drive. It is laborious. In any case, a small fee for quick and easy transfer is necessary for most of the services.

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