How to Check Folder Size in Google Drive – 3 Methods

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage with free 15 GB space.

Gmail, Photos, Backup are some of the ways you can take advantage of this service.

Folders and files can be uploaded, just like in File Explorer.

Transfer big video, PDFs, documents and share the file path with your team or family members.

Sync them on your PC and mobile.

In these COVID times, Google Drive is so useful to store your video meetings.

If the storage is not enough, you can always upgrade to a higher plan with 100 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB plans.

Google One offers these plans at an affordable price with other features.

To sync your photos, images, videos, audio, files on your computer or mobile to Google Drive, you just have to drag and drop them in the default folder.

You can also sync any folder on your PC to the above cloud service.

The premium version comes under the Google One.Google Drive Folder Size Using Multcloud August 2022

Method #1 : Web Logs of MultCloud App

There is no direct way of seeing the size information of google drive folders. You can see the list of files and other details, but folder size is not mentioned anywhere. This is a must-feature requested by many Google Drive users in 2020.

You can use the MultCloud application. But you need to have two Google Drive accounts.

#1: Add Google Drive as one of the Cloud Drives.
#2: Click the “Cloud Explorer” option at the top
#3: Google Drive account is added. Double-click it.
#4: Click the “Cloud Transfer” option, at the top.
#5: Select the folder or folders for which you want to see the size, on the first google account.
#6: Select a target directory on the second Google Drive account.
#7: Click on “Transfer Now“.
#8: The process will start.
#9: Check the “Task Manager” icon at the top as shown in the image below.

Get Google Drive Folder Size Details August 2022

#10: View the transfer details in the list.

Google Drive Size Of Folder August 2022
#11: Right-click “Menu” of your concerned task. Click on “View logs”. This will show the files processed and google drive folder size.

Multcloud View Logs Google Drive Folder Size August 2022

Note: You can cancel the transfer process in the middle. In the details below, you can view folder size details.

Google Drive Folder Size File List August 2022

The size of the folder in google drive is useful to keep relevant folders.

If GDrive folder size increases, then you can either upgrade the storage or move them to another gmail account.

To find large files, you can use the “Settings” option in the upper-right corner in Google Drive.

Then click “View items taking up storage“.

The folder size option is not even available when you subscribe to one of their premium Google One plans.

You can contact their technical support team, but their answers will confuse you more.

Method #2 : Download the Folder Manually

To check Google Driver folder size in offline mode, you can use the File Explorer.

Just right-click any folder and click on Properties.

You will know the number of files in the folder and it’s size.

But what about folders already uploaded to Google Drive.

Are you unsure that all your files are in sync with your Google account or not?

It is the big concern every cloud storage user has.

To do this follow these steps –

1. On the left-hand side, click on “My Drive” to see all your folders.
2. Right-click any folder and press “Download“.
3. This will save a local copy to your PC.
4. But it will be in the form of a ZIP file.
5. Extract the ZIP file to a destination folder.
6. Select the correct folder, that you downloaded from Google Drive.
7. Right-click the folder and click on “Properties” in File Explorer.
8. This will show the size, files list of Google Drive folder, just like any other folder in Windows.

Download Google Drive Folder Web App August 2022

But this is a tough way, if you have large number of files and the folder size is big.

Method #3: Folder Size App – Backup and Sync

Using Backup and Sync in Windows 10 is another option.

It is the app provided by Google that syncs Drive cloud storage files and folders.

It shows all your files and folders in your Google Drive account.

Since it displays the cloud storage folders in File Explorer, you can check Google Drive folder sizes in Windows default format.

It can be done by installing the Backup and Sync app on your desktop or laptop.

Once installed you have to do the following steps to see your Google Drive folder size.

1. Login with your Google Drive account into the Backup and Sync app.

2. In the next screen, it will ask which folders from your computer you want to backup to your Google Drive. Skip this step by clicking “Next“.

3. The third step says “Sync My Drive to this computer“.

The default location on your PC is selected, but the “path” can be changed.

4. But here is the crucial step. Select “Sync only these folders…” to display a list of all the folder in your Google Drive.

The folder size will be displayed against each folder.

You can then quit the screen to stop this app downloading folders to your computer.

Otherwise, it can take lot of your Internet storage plan, if you have a big Google Drive account.

The following steps will save bandwidth and time, to view folder size in google drive.

– Have ‘Google Backup and Sync’ installed to your PC!

– Right-mouse-button click on the cloud icon of Google Backup and Sync!

– Left-mouse-button click on the ‘Settings’ icon (three vertical bullet points)!

– Do the same on ‘Settings’ menu entry in the menu that came up!

– Left-mouse-button click on the the ‘Google Drive’ menu entry in the popup window that came up!

– It will take some time, yet you’ll eventually see a file-tree of your Google Drive folders including their sizes. You can navigate around in the tree and open subfolders. You do not have to actually copy (sync) the files to your local storage.

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