As I observed on my computer, my Internet speed was 40Mbps (both download and upload).

But when I try to upload or back up any folder or file to Google Drive, it does not take full utilization of bandwidth.

If you have a very big file or folder, then it becomes tiresome to wait for the back up to complete.

You can just put the upload during night and wait till morning to complete or use the following Chrome app – Speed Uploader for Google Drive

Once installed, it will appear in the “Apps” section of Google Chrome browser.

First make a zip copy of the file or folder that you want to upload to Google Drive.

Then visit the following website.

Otherwise you can click “Visit Website” on the App page.

Speed Uploader For Google Drive

First you need to add your Google Drive account.

For this a code will be generated and you need to copy and paste that code in this application.

Then you need to “Register folders from Google Drive“.

You can also create a new folder and add root folder also (My Drive).

Once you have registered the folder you require, you select that particular folder.

Drag Files Upload To Google Drive
Upload To My Drive

Then using the “Upload files to this folder“, you can back up any file to the registered folder very quickly.

Upload Files To Google Drive Quickly

My Experience

For a 730MB file, it took roughly 7 minutes using my ISP speed.

In that case, it will take approximately 10 minutes to upload a 1GB file to Google Drive and in 1 hour we can upload 6GB.

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I think, it is the maximum upload speed of Google Drive.

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