Google One Family – Pricing and Benefits

What is Google One?

The revamped version of Google Drive paid storage.

Several benefits of sharing YouTube premium services and monitoring kid’s activity.

You can get Rs 300 of Google Play credit to buy games, apps.

Google One is a mix of three things – Gmail, Photos and Google Drive.

In addition to that you have extra benefits.

Though Google One and Google Drive are similar in meaning, they have a few differences.

If you already have Google Drive paid storage plan, you automatically upgrade to new Google One plan.

A Typical View Of Google One Storage Plan

Typical Google One Usage And Storage

The following will count towards your storage.

  1. Gmail – Messages and attachments, including items in your Spam and Trash folders
  2. Google Drive – Most files in your “My Drive” including images, videos, raw data files etc. Items in your Trash. But, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites storage not counted.
  3. Google Photos – If the photos and videos stored are of “Original” size, they will be part of Google Drive. But if they are of “High” quality, then its unlimited storage.

Can i share Google One Storage with Family?

Yes, you can do that as Family Manager.

All the 6 members of the Google One family can share 100GB or 200GB storage.

Each individual member can have privacy to his files.

Google Play Music, Pass, Calendar, Google Keep services for Google One members.

How to add Member to Google One Family

  1. Go to this link – to manage family settings.

Google One Manage Family Settings August 2022 2. Click on “Manage“.

3. Another page opens. Click on “Create Family group“. Create Family Group Google One August 2022

4. Invite Family members to your group.

Invite Family Members Google One August 2022

5. Add the email addresses in your Contact list. (Max. you can invite 5 members)

6. Click on “Send“.

7. The Family Manager will get an email, when the family member accepts your invitation.

8. The Family Member has to click “Accept Invitation” sent to his email.   Accept Invitation Google One Family Member August 2022

9. Click on “Get Started

10. Click on “Join Family“.

11.  As a Family Manager, you can see the list of family members.

12.  You joined <Family Manager’s> Google Family group – The member will receive another notification that he joined the group. He/She will have access to Google services for families.

  Google One Family Members August 2022

Google One Family Settings

Other things that you can do  as a Family Manager are the following.

  1. Family Management.
  2. Invite family member
  3. Parent access code
  4. Notification settings
  5. Delete family group
  6. Recover a child’s account

Google One Family Management August 2022

In certain cases, the kid or parent may not have access to the Internet.

Also, you may need to unlock your phone or remove your Google One account.

In such cases, the family manager can send a “parent access code” to the kid’s phone.

It is like a verification code to find a lost phone. Parent Access Code Google One Family August 2022 Google One Family Storage August 2022 Family Storage Goole One August 2022

Discount in Annual Plans

By default each family member will get 15 GB of storage for each person.

In addition to that the remaining Google One paid storage can be shared between the remaining 6 members of the family.

Once you are comfortable with Google One storage, you can change to yearly plan.

As it can be seen, if you buy an annual plan there is a discount of 2 months.

This can be taken after you have tested your current plan for one month or above.

You can also upgrade to a higher plan depending upon your need.

But later if you find that lot of storage space is wasted, you can also downgrade your plan.

Change Google One Storage Plan 2019 August 2022

These are the premium benefits with Google One for users living in specific countries like US, UK etc.

It is not yet clear whether you have to make an add-in purchase for these benefits or not.

But the above features come as family benefits.

With YouTube Music Premium family plan all members can enjoy their music ad-free, offline and when their screens are locked. One can share purchased games, apps, movies, TV shows and books with their family members, even if purchased on one device. Reminders, Shared lists and Notes are part of Google Keep which can be used to share ideas and keep all the family members in the loop. You can create a Google account for your kids and check their browsing habits to be safe and secure.


Google Drive to Google One – Upgrade Plans

Upgrade From Free Storage To Goole One August 2022 Upgrade From Paid Drive Storage To Google One August 2022 Example Google One Family Option August 2022

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Before using the paid storage of Google One family, the default storage for each person will be taken into account.

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