Google Photos is a web and mobile app.  It can store pictures and videos of your family. To use this application Google account required.

Google Photos partner sharing is a useful feature if you want to automatically share your photos to your spouse, child or mother. But Google has a catch? You cannot share to multiple accounts!

What is Google Photos Partner Sharing?

A shared library is part of this app. Shared family photos are visible on other Google account holders.

Filter the photos you want to share. The AI engine of Google Photos categorizes face groups.

Extra storage can be got with Google One membership. Google experts will provide help if necessary. 

Members benefits are many including discounts. Storing photos on the hard-disk can be risky with adware, malware and ransomware. 

Google Photos Partner Sharing Feature
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 1

The workaround for google photos partners sharing multiple accounts is to use a shared link. Whoever has access to this link, can see all the photos in that album. For that purpose, you need to manually take the required photos and share the link. It is a tedious process!?

Another way to share Google photos with multiple partners is to have a shared Google account. It is possible using the Google One account or features, where you can add upto 6 members. Then you give access to this account. All the family members can then see all the photos uploaded automatically. 

In essence, google photos multiple partner sharing feature is still not live in 2023. The only alternate way is to use the above methods. 

Why is a Partner Sharing Account in Google Photos required?

In many cases in 2023, the storage limit for Google Photos is considered as official free storage of 15GB limits. When you exceed that limit you have to pay or purchase additional cloud storage. When there are 10 years of common photos, you are bound to exceed this quota. 

What to do if Google Photos exceed your storage quota?

One way is to create multiple Google accounts and upload all your photos in batches to each account until it’s full. For example, if you have 150 GB capacity of photos, then you can create 10 or 12 Google accounts or zip the photos. Then upload them in chunks of 15 GB of data. 

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With each Google Photos account, you have a single partner sharing account. So you share all your photos in each account to a single partner. That way you have multiple accounts commonly sharing a single partner sharing account. 

Is It Possible For Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Accounts
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 2

So you can see all the photos in a single account. Now if you want to share this 150 GB data of Google Photos then you can share the common partner account with another account. Like this you can have multiple partners serially. 

How to Create Google Photos Partner Sharing?

1.     Open in your Chrome or browser. Sign in to your Google Account or Gmail.

2.     On the left side, click on Utilities.

Google Photos Utilities
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 3

3.     Add partner account is visible on the right pane.

4.     Click Get Started.

Add Partner Account Google Photos Utilities
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 4

5.     Enter the partner’s Google account email id or select from the list of contacts.

Select Partner Google Photos Sharing
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 5

6.     Click on Next and select the All photos option.

Google Photos Partner Sharing Settings
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 6

7.     Other options are

a.     Photos of specific people

b.     Only show photos since this day

8.     Click on Send Invitation. Your son or father has to accept that request.

Send Invitation Partner Sharing Account Google Photos
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 7

That’s it. Your family member’s Google account can now see your photos.

Family group consists of children and adults. Parental controls can be done based on the type of account. Member benefits are many with Google One subscription. 

Share only relevant photos. You can restrict photos that you don’t like to share. 

How to access Google Photos Partner Sharing on Android?

The same steps prevail in your Redmi or any other Android mobile.

1.     Open your Google Photos app and tap on the account profile photo of your Google account.

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(Note: I hope you have already have added your Google account to your Android phone).

2.     Tap on Photos Settings.

Photos Settings Google Photos App Android 338X600 1
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 8

3.     On the next screen, tap Sharing > Partner Sharing.

4.     Tap on getting Started.

Share Library Google Photos Android Get Started 338X600 1
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 9

5.     Select your partner from the contacts list or type the email of your account.

Select Partner For Sharing Google Photos Library 338X600 1
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 10

6.     The same options on the desktop are available here. Tap on Next.

7.     Tap on Send Invitation.

Partner Sharing Google Photos Android 338X600 1
Does Google Photos Partner Sharing Multiple Users Work? 11

The other family member has to accept the partner sharing invitation to see the photos and videos.

How to do Google Photos Partner Sharing multiple users?

No, it is not possible. You need to remove the current partner account and then add another charge as a partner.

Also, adding multiple users to the same tab to all your photos and videos is not possible.

Google Photos allows only one person to share your library incomplete.

On the other hand, you can create several albums from your existing photos and share them with multiple family members.

Google Photos Multiple Users

The only other alternative to adding multiple users to your Google Photos account is to subscribe to the Google One plan.

Here, you can add additional 5 family members to your account. So all of them can share all the photos or specific pictures.

How Google Photos Sharing with Partner Works ?

Photo library is visible to all the family members when shared. Some options disabled. You may not see the date of the image.

Family Group Google will show animations, cards and important incidents of your life. 

View saved photos on mobile using the Google Photos app. 

Your partner can see the new photos. Gmail Google photos takes lot of time and constrained by the image size and extra storage. 

You can also do link sharing with other family group google. Settings, partner sharing are effortless. The date range gives easy recognition of your photos.

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Google Photos and Family Sharing

We have several members in our family and neighborhood.

Google Photos app automatically syncs your photos on Android to your cloud account. Sharing Google Drive link is another feature by which other family members can see your pictures. 

It includes parents, kids, relatives, and friends. Your Google account is personal. Google Photos in your account also will be private. Nobody can have access to them.

Free storage Google will give access to 15GB of storage including Gmail and Gdrive. Extra storage will give more than 85GB, based on your subscription plan. 

Google Photos Partner Sharing not working

Share google account to access all your photos. But that is a security breach.

You can always save your partner’s photos and are added to your Google Photos account, search results and personalized actions.

This way you can recover deleted pictures.

You can always download all your photos. Shared libraries require Google account.

Partner’s photos are visible in your account. The menu will contain all the options.

Photo library is a mix of family group google, relatives, weddings, occasions and selfies.

You can share the entire library.

Cons of Partner Sharing

Even though you share your Photos library with your partner or kid, they cannot search through any photo or face.

Some features like selected face groups are not available in the shared option. Instead, they have to save all the images to their account before using them as their own.

Also, if the other person does not accept your invitation, he will not see your photos. With images shared, creation of albums may not be possible. Privileged access limited.

Once they start saving the photos, their account storage will exceed the limited 15GB storage. Any images exceeding this limit will curtail. No photos will back up.  

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