SiteGround vs Inmotion Hosting – Which is best in Web Page Load Speed? (Case-Study)

When your start a Wordpress blog, you need a domain and hosting service. You can find cheap hosting services and even free ones, which you will repent later for hosting your site with them. The type of CPU, RAM, storage, number of static and dedicated IP addresses, bandwidth, resources, SSD hard-drives  etc all play a [...]

Railgun and Auto-Minify in Cloudflare – Their Role in Web Page Load Speed (Case-Study)

The importance of web page loading speed can be seen in Google rankings. The holy grail of every web site and blog is to reduce the page load speed to below 3 secs. As you have seen in my other case-study, a 1 second delay in loading speed can take away millions of dollars or [...]

How to Improve Web Page Speed – Test Conducted to See the Results (Case-Study)

Google has made it clear in 2010 itself, that page load time and website speed are important factors to rank high in SERPs. CSS Sprites, Caching, Image optimization, Web hosting play a major role in website load speed optimization. In June 2009, Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team spoke about [...]

7 Best Practices to Make your WordPress Site Secure

Wordpress security breach is a cause of concern for many website owners. Security issues in 2016 could doom your business. Attacks by anonymous users and SQL Injection techniques can break up your site. E-business sites can have a dramatic loss of revenue and brand image, if proper best practices are not followed. For the past [...]

Top 10 Chrome Extensions to Block Ads in Browser – Different Types

Annoying ads are all over the place in this internet arena. Some may be useful and some not. Think of ads as just one place to promote the advertiser's products. But the real content gets hidden in this sea of ad-blind web pages. What you should do? Whether its Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox [...]

Google Adsense Chrome Extension – Easy View of CTR, CPC, RPM !!

Online money making using Google Adsense is not that easy. Quick Adsense is an easy configurable Chrome Extension used to check Google Adsense Earnings. Though CPC rates by advertisers have increased time to time, publishers are less benefited. More income goes to Google's pockets. Still Adsense is a popular network among bloggers of thinking big. [...]

[Solution] WordPress Admin Panel very slow after Updates (Case-study)

Recently I updated many of my sites to Wordpress 3.9.1. To my astonishment, the edits, saves, deletes in Wordpress Admin Panel were very slow. Initially I thought that my Internet connection must be slow. So I checked some other sites like which I visit frequently. They were fast. Since I was using shared hosting [...]