How to Check Folder Size in Google Drive – 3 Methods

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage with free 15 GB space. Gmail, Photos, Backup are some of the ways you can take advantage of this service. Folders and files can be uploaded, just like in File Explorer. Transfer big video, PDFs, documents and share the file path with your team or family members. Sync them on your PC and mobile. In these COVID times, Google Drive is so useful to store your

How to Share Google Photos with Family

Google Photos is a web and mobile app.  It can store pictures and videos of your family. To use this application Google account required. A shared library is part of this app. Shared family photos are visible on other Google account holders. Filter the photos you want to share. The AI engine of Google Photos categorizes face groups. Extra storage can be got with Google One membership. Google experts will provide help if necessary.  Members

Google One Family – Pricing and Benefits

What is Google One? The revamped version of Google Drive paid storage. Several benefits of sharing YouTube premium services and monitoring kid’s activity. You can get Rs 300 of Google Play credit to buy games, apps. Google One is a mix of three things – Gmail, Photos and Google Drive. In addition to that you have extra benefits. Though Google One and Google Drive are similar in meaning, they have a few differences. If you

How to Change Your Google Name in Laptop

Gmail is the most common email address used in many countries. First Name, Last Name and some other details are required, when you create them. To display the right name, you need these details to be perfect. The correct information will always suit your business and personal needs. When you have a Google One account, you can easily identify yourself as a member with this name. But many cases, random name is given. This often

How to Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive – 4 Methods

To migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, different tools are available. Google Drive and OneDrive are two online storage services which have free MB plans with their standard packages. Each cloud drive comes with its own unique advantage. But both come from different companies. Migration can be done manually and also using cloud transfer service tools. Manual method to move files from OneDrive to google drive is laborious, but works perfectly. MultCloud and Chrome extensions are

Why is Google Chrome Icon Missing – Top 3 Solutions

Google Chrome is a fast and secure browser. But the meaning of Google Chrome Icon varies if you search the web. The top search results in Google for Chrome icon not showing show the information for favicons missing. Well, I was thinking of the browser’s icon as such. Chrome Icon Missing – Reasons Problems and Solutions related to Google Chrome Icon. Why favicons of websites not displayed in Chrome’s Bookmark bar. What is the meaning

Google Parental Controls – How to Use Family Link on Android

Manage Parental Privileges using Google One on android phone or tablet. Once you add a family member, you can either make him a parent or child. This should preferably be based on age. There are two types of apps to supervise parental controls on Android from Google. One you need to install on the parent mobile and other on the child’s device. Google Family Link for Parents Google Family Link for children & teens As

Google Chrome Wrech Icon – What has Changed in 2022?

Wrench Icon in Google Chrome is gone! Did you notice it! The default way of changing settings and accessing extensions was using the wrench icon in Chrome browser. It used to be present on the far right hand side to the address bar. Now it’s been replaced with 3 horizontal lines called the “Hotdog” icon. I’m presently using Version 24.0.1297.0 developer version of Google Chrome. In that I can see the new “Hotdog” icon replacing the

Google Drive Preferences – Settings available on Windows

Once you install the PC version of Google Drive (Back up and Sync) , there are lot of setting to choose from. These can be used to improve upload speed, change network settings, decide the quality of photos and videos, the type of back up and auto-upload of USB media etc. To first use “Preferences” in Back up and Sync of Google Drive, double-click the cloud icon in the system tray. Don’t get confused of

How to Upload Photos to Google Photos – 2 Easy Methods

With June 1st coming near, your unlimited storage of images and videos on Google Photos will disappear. The parent company made it clear that you need to subscribe to Google One if your storage of photos exceeds 15GB. It is the default cloud space provided. As an estimate, Google says that the free storage will last for only 1 to 4 years. After that, you need to purchase more cloud storage. Google Photos – New