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Technical guides are not easy to understand for the average Google Service user. Products like Google Drive, One, Photos, Family, Chrome are filled with documentation which are difficult to gulp. Read our blog articles to easily understand working of Google Services.


Over 300+ Google Products and Services exist in this Hemisphere

Learning about each product takes lot of time to go through full course. Google is the answer to Google Product Problems. Simple solutions can save lot of time.

Meet your G-Driver

My name is Palla Sridhar and I’ve been doing blogging and digital marketing practices on the web for over ten years. Before googling full time I was the Professor of Engineering at Visakhpatnam, INDIA.

I like to eat cakes, samosas, dosas in the weekends in the nearby Food Malls. I’m interested in writing content to reach the average person and could solve his problems.

Google is not unlike any other company. It has it’s own problems coming to its services and guides are not that too much user-friendly from customer perspective like Microsoft.

I work alone and have less friends. Simply to put in Google terms, I’m a troglodyte. My family keeps me happy. I’ve 8-year old twin daughters who are fun to play and make them learn.

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