In the website load test of my site, I found that it loaded in 1.3secs. This was without using any cache plugin or CDN (content delivery network). I also used very less plugins to reduce the performance delay caused by them. I was able to achieve good desktop and mobile page speed field data according [...]

Wordpress plugins are small snippets of code which can be installed for better functionality and productive purposes. There are more than 50,000 plugins to provide the necessary aesthetic, SEO and other features. To install them you can directly use the WordPress dashboard or download from the main website. There are pro and cons of [...]

price of SiteGround GoGeek and other Wordpress hosting plans

When your start a Wordpress blog, you need a domain and hosting service. You can find cheap hosting services and also free ones.  But  what about the average page load time in 2019? You will repent later for hosting your site with slow host. The type of CPU, RAM, storage, number of static and dedicated [...]

different options available with wordfence

Wordpress security breach is a cause of concern for many website owners. Security issues in 2016 could doom your business. Attacks by anonymous users and SQL Injection techniques can break up your site. E-business sites can have a dramatic loss of revenue and brand image, if proper best practices are not followed. For the past [...]

Annoying ads are all over the place in this internet arena. Some may be useful and some not. Think of ads as just one place to promote the advertiser’s products. But the real content gets hidden in this sea of ad-blind web pages. What you should do? Whether its Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox [...]

Online money making using Google Adsense is not that easy. Quick Adsense is an easy configurable Chrome Extension used to check Google Adsense Earnings. Though CPC rates by advertisers have increased time to time, publishers are less benefited. More income goes to Google’s pockets. Still Adsense is a popular network among bloggers of thinking big. [...]

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