How to Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive – 4 Methods

To migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, different tools are available.

Google Drive and OneDrive are two online storage services which have free MB plans with their standard packages.

Each cloud drive comes with its own unique advantage. But both come from different companies.

Migration can be done manually and also using cloud transfer service tools.

Manual method to move files from OneDrive to google drive is laborious, but works perfectly.

MultCloud and Chrome extensions are other methods to copy files from OneDrive to google drive.

To check that all files and folders are copied from one drive to google drive, you can view the number of files on both cloud storage service providers.

Google or Microsoft do not provide any migration tool to transfer data from Onedrive to Google drive.

Google Drive and OneDrive are useful for preserving photos, videos and documents. Back-up strategy is one of their key features.

Once you upload your files to Google Drive, they are stored on their servers.

As time ticks on, more documents, personal and office files keep adding on.

Google Drive comes with free 15GB storage plan. One Drive allows only 5GB, but you can get extra based on recommendations and other benefits.

If your 15GB storage is full, you can use their premium services to buy 100GB, 200GB plans based on their pricing model. This comes with a price!

But how to keep your cloud storage space empty and save money?

Let’s see 4 methods to transfer google drive to onedrive in this post.

Method #1 : G Drive to OneDrive Migrator

This is a dedicated software to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business.

You can transfer different types of files including documents, images, audio/ video files, PDFs, spreadsheets, and permissions.

It works on Windows 10 also. It comes from SysTools.

The highlight features of this program are –
1. Permissions are also can be transferred.
2. Selective data migration from Google Drive to OneDrive.
3. Same Folder Hierarchy as in parent storage.
4. Pause/Resume features available.
5. Migration reports are available.
6. Selective file support transfer.

Download :

G Drive To Onedrive Migrator

The following are simple steps to transfer Google Drive data to OneDrive.

  • Install and launch G Drive to OneDrive Migration tool on the local machine
  • Click on Browse and then, add credentials of G Drive and OneDrive accounts
  • You have to apply 3 Document Filters like Permissions, Date Filter & File Type
  • Click Export button and the tool begins to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive successfully

Method #2 :  Use Apps or Chrome Extension

In Google Drive, you can connect apps. One of them is “Drive Files to OneDrive” or also called as “” app.

Using this also, you can transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

You first need to install and connect this app.

1. From “My Drive” > More > Connect more apps

Google Drive Details
2. Select “Drive Files to OneDrive” and click on “Connect“.

Connect Apps To Drive

3. Once it is connected to Google Drive, you can make it the default app for files it can open. (You can uncheck this option).

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Drive Files To Msonedrive
4. It can be seen in the list of apps connected to Google Drive.

Google Drive To Onedrive
5. Once you click that app, a web interface will open
6. Select files from Google Drive.

Google Drive Migration Details
7. Select the required files.
Note: I’m unable to select folders. To transfer folders, you can zip them.
8. Select the target folder to save to OneDrive.
9. You need to authorize this app to connect to your OneDrive account.
10. Once the files are selected from Google Drive, they will be appear in the text box.
11. Click on “Save to OneDrive“.

Transfer Of File To Onedrive
12. The process will start and successful message is displayed.
13. You can check the error log, if there are any problems.

Onedrive Details

This same app is also available as a Chrome extension.

Method #3:  Manual Method

You can manually download files from Google Drive and upload them to OneDrive. This is another method of transfer. But this takes lot of time.

1. Select the folder in Google Drive list.
2. Click the 3 vertical dots on the top.
3. Select “Download”.

Google Drive To Onedrive Manual
4. Your folder will be converted to a zip file.
5. It’s saved to the default download location in your Windows.

You can then upload the folder to OneDrive.
1. First unzip the file.
2. It will be created as a folder as before in Google Drive.
3. Open OneDrive account
4. Click on “Upload” button at the top.

Upload To Onedrive
5. Select the folder downloaded and unzipped from Google Drive.

It will appear in OneDrive.

The amount of time depends on the number of files and size.

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Method #4 : MultCloud – Easy and Simple of All

The best way to migrate files is to use an online tool.

This is another cloud app for transferring files from one cloud drive to another.

You can use this functionality to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Multcloud Details

1. Login to
2. Add your Google Drive and OneDrive and give proper permissions to access your files.
3. Click on “Cloud Transfer” at the top.

4. Select the folder/files in your Google Drive account. (Multiple selections are allowed)
5. Select the target folder in your OneDrive.
6. Click “Transfer Now” button.

Google Drive Takeout

Onedrive Details

You can further see other options available below. Schedule your transfer to another time.

Migrate from OneDrive to Google Drive : Why ?

This happens for variety of reasons.

1. You think the current provider is not giving the facilities other services are giving.
2. The storage plans are costly.
3. Features available with other service are better.
4. Incompatibility with the platform you are using.

Though Google Drive is a good option for many cloud storage users, you might need other cloud accounts.

For example, One Drive from Microsoft does well on its Windows 10 and 8.1 platforms.

It comes integrated into it. Inclination towards built-in software is common.

In that case, you decide to transfer all your data from Google Drive to OneDrive.

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