Google Cloud Calculator provides a diverse suite of services for computing, storage, networking, databases, analytics, and more. With so many options, estimating your total cloud costs can be challenging.

Fortunately, Google provides an excellent pricing calculator to help determine spending estimates tailored to your specific configuration and monthly usage.

Planning a migration to the cloud but unsure what it will truly cost? Determining the ROI of a new cloud-native application? As a leading public cloud provider, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a suite of services from compute to storage, networking, and more.

But navigating GCP’s vast array of options to estimate your potential costs can be challenging. This is where Google’s own cloud calculator comes in – a free web-based tool to help model GCP costs based on your expected workloads and resources.

With cloud waste and overspending a key concern, having the ability to estimate your environment’s price tag before deploying to GCP is invaluable.

While estimates are not a final quote, the Google Cloud Calculator provides a reliable basis for budgeting, forecasting, and right-sizing your workloads in the cloud.

Equipped with pricing insights, you can optimize architectures for cost-efficiency and determine if shifting to GCP makes prudent financial sense.

Let us explore how this free tool can model your unique use case and provide data-driven guidance for your move to the cloud.

Google Cloud Calculator

It is a tool provided by Google to estimate the costs of using Google Cloud Platform services.

It allows you to configure various services like Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and more to see the estimated monthly charges.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to leverage the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator to estimate the costs of your cloud infrastructure and services. Whether you are new to GCP or a seasoned user, the calculator allows you to input details like compute region, machine types, traffic, storage needs and services to calculate an accurate monthly or yearly cost estimate.

We will cover strategies to model your existing or planned architecture and use cases to size and price various GCP components. You can gain insight into how adjusting variables like VM size, committed usage discounts, and geographic region impacts your total spend.

The pricing calculator takes into account factors like region, machine types, storage amounts, and network usage to provide an accurate estimate.

Estimating Google Cloud Costs

The Google Cloud Pricing Calculator is the best way to get an overall estimate of the costs for your Google Cloud resources.

You can add various services like Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, VPC Networks, Cloud SQL and more to the calculator to get monthly/yearly cost estimates.

It provides a breakdown of the estimated costs by service so you can understand exactly what you’re paying for. The pricing is based on the public Google Cloud SKUs for each service and region.

Accessing the Cloud Pricing Calculator

You can find the pricing calculator at It’s free to use without needing a Google Cloud account. The easy-to-use interface lets you select products, set resource amounts, choose locations, estimate usage, and generate cost reports.

Estimating Compute Engine Costs

For virtual machines, first choose the number of instances, regions/zones, OS, machine types, local SSDs, and GPUs if applicable. Enter the average CPU and memory utilization percentage per instance. You can further specify network traffic, snapshot storage, and preemptible VMs. The calculator shows the estimated hourly, monthly, and yearly costs.

Google Cloud Calculator Tips
Estimate Google Cloud Pricing Using In-Built Calculator 1

App Engine Pricing Estimates

When configuring App Engine pricing, you can enter details like frontend instance hours, number of static files, Cloud Datastore usage, bandwidth required, and other cloud services used. The calculator takes your projections and provides estimated total App Engine costs.

BigQuery Price Calculator

The BigQuery pricing calculator allows you to estimate the costs of running BigQuery queries and storing data. It takes into account on-demand pricing and flat-rate pricing for query costs.

You can specify the region, queries per month, data processed per month, and storage amounts to get the estimated monthly charges for BigQuery.

The calculator also shows estimated costs saved compared to on-demand pricing when using flat-rate pricing. BigQuery can provide significant cost-savings for analytics workloads.

BigQuery Cost Projections

For BigQuery, input your anticipated on-demand queries per month, query length distribution, and number of queries exceeding the monthly free tier. Enter data processed through ELT jobs, streaming inserts, and storage capacity. The calculator accounts for discounted pricing exceedance tiers and outputs projected monthly BigQuery costs.

Big Cloud Pricing Estimator
Estimate Google Cloud Pricing Using In-Built Calculator 2

App Engine Pricing Calculator

The App Engine pricing calculator allows you to estimate the costs of running an application on Google App Engine.

You can select the region, instance class, number of instances, and other advanced options like SSL certificates to get estimated monthly charges.

It provides price estimates for both standard and flexible environment App Engine apps. The estimates include instance hours, bandwidth, SSL, static IPs, and any other resources the app may need.

Additional Services

You can model dozens more Google Cloud services like Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, VPN, Load Balancing, Firestore, and Memorystore.

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Configure resource sizing, network usage, and monthly projections tailored to your workloads. See discounted pricing for annual commitments.


The Google Cloud Pricing Calculator is an invaluable tool for estimating the costs of running your applications and workloads on Google Cloud. By modeling your specific configuration and usage, you can get accurate monthly and yearly cost projections to inform budgeting and cloud architecture decisions. Take advantage of this detailed calculator before migrating to Google Cloud.

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