With growing data needs, cloud storage allows securely accessing files and backups remotely while paying only for what you use. Top services are available in India but at what cost? In this article, we examine the pricing of Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and other cloud storage plans based on usage caps, free tiers, and features.

Google Drive Pricing

Google Drive is one of the most popular personal cloud storage services thanks to its free 15GB starter capacity and tight integration with Google services. Beyond that, pricing in India is:

  • 100GB plan at ₹130/month or ₹1,300/year
  • 200GB plan at ₹210/month or ₹2,100/year
  • 2TB plan starts at ₹650/month or ₹6,500/year
  • 10TB, 20TB, 30TB plans for business use start at ₹10,500/month

Google One members get additional benefits like expert support, VPN service, and 10% credits on Google services. File sharing, real-time collaboration and Google Docs integration make Drive a leading consumer option.

Google Drive Storage Pricing India
Get To Know The Cloud Storage Pricing Details In India 1

Dropbox Pricing in India

Dropbox gives 2GB storage free and offers:

  • Plus Plan 2TB for ₹7,999/year
  • Professional Plan 3TB for ₹11,790/year
  • Business plans for teams start at ₹15,480/year for 3 users

Advanced features like remote wipe, version history, extended file recovery, priority chat support and offline folder access make Dropbox a versatile cloud storage solution for both personal and business use.

Amazon S3 Pricing

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is popular for scalable object storage. Pricing involves:

  • Storage costs ₹0.024 per GB/month in India regions
  • PUT, COPY, POST, LIST requests ₹0.005 per 1,000 requests
  • Data transfer OUT ₹0.12 – ₹0.19 per GB

With apps and media hosting, archiving, big data analytics and backup use cases, S3 offers high durability and availability. The pay-as-you-go model can cost effectively support workloads of any size.

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Microsoft OneDrive Plans

OneDrive integrates with Microsoft 365 and Office. Personal pricing has:

Office 365 Storage Pricing Plans
Microsoft 365 Plans Are Different From Onedrive Storage Plans
  • 100GB for ₹130/month or ₹1,620/year
  • 1TB for ₹660/month or ₹7,920/year

Business plans with advanced administration, security and sharing start at ₹395 per user/month for 1TB space. OneDrive allows easy collaboration across Microsoft ecosystem.

One Drive Cloud Storage Pricing Business
Get To Know The Cloud Storage Pricing Details In India 2

Other Services

Others like IDrive offer 10TB for ₹4,750/year while Mega has 400GB free storage. For teams, Sync offers plans from ₹150/month for 250GB up to 8TB for ₹1,999/month per user. MediaFire has 150GB free with 1TB for $50/year.


Leading cloud storage providers are available at competitive pricing in India. Consider usage needs, features, free tiers, and costs for requests/egress when evaluating options. Both individuals and organizations can benefit from the flexibility of cloud storage with the right plan.

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