After the 1809 update of Windows 10 also, Google Chrome continues to use high CPU resources.

The latest 64 bit version is 70.0.3538.67 which is the official build.

You may expect that, looking into the Task Manager would give you an idea of how much CPU percentage Chrome is using.

But after 1809 update of Windows 10, you see that Chrome only uses 1 to 2% CPU, though the total CPU resource is as high as 90%.

When you close Chrome, you can see the drop to 14 to 30%.

Though it lot depends on the Processor type and hard-disk, it is still to be feared that 90 to 95% CPU resource are going to hog your system.

Windows 10 Task Manager Performance

If you are playing a game, then this has a serious impact.

Though you cannot do much towards high RAM usage, as it depends on the site resources and number of tabs. But you can definitely reduce the amount of CPU usage with a few little tweaks.

Chrome Cpu Usage Task Manager Windows 10

How to Lower Google Chrome High CPU Usage in Windows 10 after the October 2018 update?

Go to Settings, by clicking the 3 dots on the top right-hand side.

Scroll through, until you see Advanced. Click the drop-down arrow.

Scroll down to “System”. Disable these two options, by moving the slider.

  1. Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed.
  2. Use hardware acceleration when available.

Reduce Google Chrome High Cpu Usage System Settings

What is my Experience?

I never thought that Google Chrome being the best browser and having around 65% share of browser market is going to take so much of CPU usage time.

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But when I was resolving another error, I stumbled onto this issue.

Currently with 460 MB of RAM usage by Chrome, my total CPU usage is well below 20%. Though it may spike up to 30 to 50%, it never comes up to 90%.

It is when I’m using the minimal of apps like Word, Notepad++, and File Explorer.

Also we have some background apps running, which do not take up much of RAM and CPU time. Though my Memory usage is around 43%, my CPU usage shuffles between 10 to 40%.

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