A common question for many Gmail users is: can gmail have capital letters or does the address need to be lower case? The good news is that gmail capital letters are allowed, as Gmail addresses are not case sensitive when it comes to capital letters.

Many email users, for different reasons, want Gmail addresses in capital letters. But Google doesn’t make a difference between uppercase and lowercase Gmail addresses. In another tone, the address is NOT case-sensitive, as long as the username spelling is the same. 

Even if you add a dot in between the username of the Gmail address. In summary, it is both dot and capitalization insensitive. 

This means the address Example@gmail.com is treated the same as example@gmail.com by the Gmail system.

Gmail in capital letters will still direct messages properly to your inbox. Essentially, you can use upper and lower case letters however you prefer when setting up or sharing your Gmail address, and it will still function the same.

how to change uppercase to lowercase in gmail?

One of the nice features of Gmail is that it does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters in email addresses. For example, an email sent to JohnSmith@gmail.com will also arrive if addressed to johnsmith@gmail.com, or even JoHnSmItH@gmail.com.

However, if you used capital letters when setting up your Gmail account and want your name or handle to appear in lower case instead, it is possible to make this update. To change uppercase to lowercase for your Gmail:

  1. Open your Gmail account in your web browser.
  2. Click on the settings icon, represented by a gear.
  3. Select “See all settings” at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Click on the Accounts tab.
  5. Find your current email address under “Send mail as” and click “Edit info“.
  6. Simply change your username capitalization here and save.
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Change Gmail Name Uppercase To Lowercase
How To Change Capital Letters To Lowercase In Gmail - Know The Facts 1

Now when you send or receive emails, your lowercase name will appear instead of the old uppercase version. It’s a quick and easy way to update the preferred capitalization on your Gmail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Gmail Capital Letters

how to Change Uppercase to Lowercase in Gmail?

Gmail is case-insensitive. Whether somebody types your address in uppercase or lowercase gmail, you will still receive it. You can use both the uppercase and lowercase addresses without modifying anything. There is nothing to change uppercase to lowercase in gmail. It works naturally. 

can you change your gmail address?

No, you can’t. Once you created an address or username, you can’t change your gmail address. The only other alternative is to forward the old gmail address to a new one. This way it becomes a change. 

How to change capitalization in gmail address?

There is nothing to change. The Gmail address is not case-sensitive. You can keep dots in the address or lowercase or uppercase or mix of both. It still works as the same Gmail address. 

how to change name on google account?

This change applies to the whole Google account unlike Gmail name change. To do this follow our internal guide on google account name change. https://www.thinkminds.co.uk/how-to-change-google-name/
It will complete details on Windows, Android and web browser with screenshots. The interface in 2023 has remained the same.

Can I use capital letters in Gmail?

Yes, you can use capital letters in your Gmail address.

How to change the gmail id name?

Go to Gmail settings > Accounts > Send mail as > Edit info to change your Gmail ID name.

Can you use capital letters in gmail address?

Yes, capital letters are allowed in Gmail addresses.

How to change spelling in gmail id?

You cannot edit the spelling of an existing Gmail ID. You must create a new account with the correct spelling.

Do capital letters matter in emails?

No, capital letters do not matter in email addresses or account names. Email is not case sensitive.

Does gmail use capital letters?

Gmail allows both capital and lower case letters to be used in addresses. It treats them the same.

Should Gmail be capitalized?

No, “Gmail” does not need to be capitalized unless it starts a sentence. The brand name is styled lowercase.

Does capitalization matter in email?

No, capitalization does not matter in email addresses or account names. Email is not case sensitive.

Gmail capitalization

When you create an email, you have several thoughts. You want to receive mail from your friends, relatives and co-workers.

But what-if they used lowercase or uppercase or some uppercase, lowercase letters in the Gmail username? Don’t worry. You will still receive the mail, as long as the username portion is correct. You can also add a dot in between the username. 

For example, you created a gmail address, j.k.Rowling@gmail.com. But if someone sends a message to JKRowling@gmail.com, j.k.rowling@gmail.com, j.k.row.ling@gmail.com, JKROWLING@gmail.com, etc, you should still receive the message. 

How to Change Gmail Name?

In some cases, you want to show the display name with upper and lower case letters. Though the username is case-insensitive, you can still change the display name to your like. 

For example, it will look like this in your friends’ email messages. 

To change it, you can follow these steps.

  1. Open your Gmail on your desktop browser and click the gear icon at the top right hand corner.
Chrome Icon Gmail
How To Change Capital Letters To Lowercase In Gmail - Know The Facts 2
  1. Click on See all settings under Quick settings
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Gmail Quick Settings
How To Change Capital Letters To Lowercase In Gmail - Know The Facts 3
  1. It will show the full landscape of all the Settings
  2. Click on Accounts and Import tab.
Change Gmail Name Settings
How To Change Capital Letters To Lowercase In Gmail - Know The Facts 4
  1. Under Send mail as, click on edit info.
Change Gmail Name
How To Change Capital Letters To Lowercase In Gmail - Know The Facts 5
  1. A pop-up opens. Here you can change the Gmail name to your liking. You can have all types of capitals, lower, upper etc. 
  2. But the username or address of Gmail cannot be changed. You have to create a new one.  

How to Change Gmail Address?

There is only 1 alternative. You need to create a new one. Then forward the old one to the new one. In this way, you can change Gmail address or the <username>@gmail.com. 

To create a new email address in Google account, you can go to the Google Account creation page. Then enter first and last names. Select a new username and this will be your Gmail address. 

Select a phone number and recovery email address. Provide date of birth and gender. 

Then agree to the google policies regarding email creation, privacy and storing information. Click Create Account and your new Gmail address is created. 

Setup Forward Old Gmail address to new One

  1. Open the Gmail account and click the gear icon and open the Settings. 
  2. Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP
Change Gmail Address By Forward
How To Change Capital Letters To Lowercase In Gmail - Know The Facts 6
  1. Under the forwarding section, add a forwarding address.
  2. It should be the new one you created just now. 
  3. Complete the process and you will get a verification email to the new address.
  4. Verify it. Also keep the incoming mail in the current Gmail inbox. This option is to be enabled while doing forward email. 

Once done, the change to your Gmail address is complete. 

So feel free to get creative! Whether you want your name, initials, or even random words to have capital letters, know that gmail addresses allow flexibility with upper and lower case.

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