How to Change Capitalization in Gmail Address

If you observe my name in Google Search Results, you find my name in lowercase.

But to my surprise I find all the other names that utilize Google Authorship tool have their name in lower and uppercase.

Well, I too didn’t like my name being displayed in lowercase completely.

So I went about searching the net on how to change my name.

Google Profile Name

Finally I found that the reason for my name being displayed in lowercase is primarily linked to my Google Accounts.

So I logged into my Gmail account and from the “gear icon” drop-down, I click on Settings.

Gmail Settings

On the “Accounts and Import” tab, there is “Send mail as” section.

Beside it there is “edit info” link. Click on that. Now a pop-up window opens.

Edit Email Address

As you can see it displays my name in Google accounts.

Now there is no way to change this name directly.

Earlier it was in lowercase completely like “palla ramarao”.

Now as you observe it changed to “Palla Ramarao”.

I searched the net for any Google Review request link which will allow me to change the name. Nah, it was not to be!

Finally, The Solution!

So if you are like me searching for the same problem there is a work-around for this problem.

First of all you need to have Google+ (Plus) Profile.

It will let you change your name in Google accounts.

Creating a Google+ Profile is easy and you can search the net for instructions.

Next visit your Google Plus Profile page.

Google Profile

On the left side click the “Profile” icon.

Then the “Edit profile” link is visible to the right.

Click on that.

Now click on your name and that will be editable.

Now you see a pop-up window.

Google Name Details

It is the authority point where you change your name in Google Contacts and Google Plus Profile.

By default it will display the name in Google accounts.

But now you can change it.

Also don’t stop there.

If you click “More Options” you get further more options.

You can add a nickname and the option of “Display my name as” get enabled. Click on Save.

This should pop-up an alert screen like this.

Change Google Name

Click on “Change Name” after reading the instructions in “Learn more” link.

Hurrah! You are done.

Your name will be changed in all Google Account managed services including Gmail, Google+ etc.

Note: I still have to find a way in which my Google Authorship program shows my name in both uppercase and lowercase letters. If anybody has a solution, please let me know. But as the warning message says, don’t use this trick to frequently to change your name, as this is limited by Google.

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