Online money making using Google Adsense is not that easy. Quick Adsense is an easy configurable Chrome Extension used to check Google Adsense Earnings. Though CPC rates by advertisers have increased time to time, publishers are less benefited. More income goes to Google’s pockets. Still Adsense is a popular network among bloggers of thinking big.

Chrome is just another browser which looks simple, but has plethora of options in the form of extensions and bookmarks. Quick Adsense is one Chrome extension useful for Adsense publishers. Just with one-click you can get a report of your daily, weekly, monthly earnings in a pop-up at the top.

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The extension is so fast, there is no delay in getting the details.

Adsense Chrome Extension - Quick Adsense
Simple Extension to see Google Adsense Earnings.

Presently its updated to V 3.7 on 9th March, 2014 V3.9 on 29th Sept, 2014. The current change is that you can see the approximate earnings for this month in the form of “Prevision”. Since you are looking at your account details, you need to provide a few permissions before you rock-n-roll with this extension.

Google Adsense Chrome Extension (Quick Adsense) – Permissions 

  • You need to provide access to view the page – so you can view your earnings.
  • You also need to provide permission to load the page – This is required, so that a cookie refresh is done in the background.

Generally, if you are offline for 15 minutes and try to access your Adsense page, Google first refreshes your cookie, by re-directing to this page for a second. But Quick Adsense needs permission to access this page, so that this refresh can be done in the background and you have little performance impact.

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The author of the plugin says that, no information is gathered or accessed from this page. If you want to be doubly sure, that no hack or misuse of your account is done, you can test yourself by visiting the page – after not using your Adsense account for over 15 minutes. You will be temporarily directed to – before going to the correct page.

What are the Added Features ?

The best thing is that, you can see different reports in one go. The bad thing about official Adsense homepage of each user is that it takes lot of time, the first time you login. So if you need to check-in every 15 minutes for your earnings, you need to keep your Adsense account signed in.

This extension displays things in 3 tabs – Home, Reports, Settings.

On the Home tab, you can see your earnings for today, yesterday, current month and last month. There are also several options like Earnings, Views, Clicks, CTR, CPC, RPM. Earnings are displayed in graph-wise format, by default. Over revenue, the graphs for other metrics are overlapped, which will be beneficial for comparative analysis.

Reports shown by Google Chrome Adsense Extension

On the Reports tab, you can see data-wise revenue. There are also several other columns like Views, Clicks, CTR, CPC, RPM also in addition to Date and Revenue.  On the official Adsense home page, you can visualize the Performance Reports.

But for small-time Adsense publishers, this is very useful.

On the Settings Tab you can set the time interval to display updated reports.  Keeping the value very low may give recent reports, but may take longer time and resources. So its best to leave the default values of 10 min. You can change the badge icon to Day or Month.

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Settings of Adsense Chrome Extension


Even if you are reluctant to click on the Quick Adsense icon to see the reports, the icon will display day’s or month’s cumulative revenue automatically after the set update interval. All you have to do is look at the top corner of Chrome to have a glimpse of today’s Adsense earnings and take necessary measures to improve it.

If you like this Adsense Chrome Extension, a donate button is available on the same pop-up under Settings tab. You can also leave a comment about the extension. Share about it on your favorite social media profile like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google_ or LinkedIn.

The best thing is that it takes no money from your purse to try and it’s all free. There are about 193  505 reviews on the webstore page and as many as 2500 5700 users are already using this.

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  1. This plugin is outdated and been replaced by the official Adsense Plugin from Google itself. It clearly shows today’s adsense earnings and other metrics.

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