Annoying ads are all over the place in this internet arena. Some may be useful and some not. Think of ads as just one place to promote the advertiser’s products. But the real content gets hidden in this sea of ad-blind web pages. What you should do? Whether its Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (the three major browsers), you need to adopt a strategy to remove unwanted ads.

Ad-blocker for Gmail™

  • Number of Reviews : 193
  • Number of Users : 46k+
  • Author – Alexandre

The best free adblock tool for Gmail.

  • It hides Gmail ads on the right, so that you can have enough space to read on the right.
  • It hides the ads in Gmail, that appear below the message.
  • It hides the spam links at the bottom of the message and shows only useful ones.
  • It decreases the width of the “Compose mail” to behave as in old version of Gmail.

This makes Gmail browsing very unobtrusive and can see your mails with less distraction. Though the plugin is useful in blocking Gmail ads, it’s not updated since Mar, 2013. Also a user in this year, found that, it does not stop ads at the top of email page.

Adblock for Facebook™

  • Number of Reviews : 602
  • Number of Users : 36k+ users
  • Author – Adblock Guy

What’s inside?

  • It removes all annoying ads from Facebook forever.
  • It removes the ads on the side of the feed.
  • It goes well with the new Facebook Design.
  • It blocks even the ads in Newstream and Facebook Video Ads.
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It’s last updated this Mar, 2016. Some users comment that it’s showing more of Suggested Posts in the side feed. Also, some are not happy that it’s not blocking all ads. These are latest reviews in Sept, 2016.


  • Number of Reviews : 74000+
  • Number of Users : 10 Million users
  • Author –

Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu. It works automatically: just click “Add to Chrome,” then visit your favorite website and see the ads disappear!

Adblock Plus –

  • Number of Reviews : 44000+
  • Number of Users : 10 Million users
  • Author –

Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads, and supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default (configurable).

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome blocks:

· Banners
· YouTube video ads
· Facebook advertisements
· Pop-ups
· All other obtrusive ads

Adblock for YouTube

  • Number of Reviews : 4000+
  • Number of Users : 1 Million Users
  • Author – Better Adblock

Install Adblock for Youtube™ now and all the Pre-Roll Ads on Youtube™ are gone, forever! Adblock removes any ad videos shown before your video.

Adblock Pro

  • Number of Reviews : 2500+
  • Number of Users : 1 Million users
  • Author – Adblock Pro

This Chrome Adblock Addon Contains:

* Adblock for Youtube™
* Adblock for Google™
* Adblock for Facebook™
* Adblock for Yahoo™
* Adblock for Amazon™
* Adblock for Bing™
* Adblock for Stackoverflow™
* Adblock for XING™
* Adblock for Chrome™
* Adblock for Gmail™
* Adblocker for all other Sites

* add block by yourself
* Adblock Premium Features

AdBlock Premium

  • Number of Reviews : 730
  • Number of Users : 630,000 +
  • Author – Adblock Premium

Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu.

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Simply Block Ads!

  • Number of Reviews : 767
  • Number of Users : 750,000
  • Author –

For FREE you will get rid of:
– Youtube pre-videos ads
– in-site ads
– pop-up ads
– text-ads
– background ads
– whole-site ads

Adblock for Pirate Bay

  • Number of Reviews : 597
  • Number of Users : 181,000
  • Author – Daniel

Block popup ads and other advertisements on torrent site!

Note: this extension removes banner, pop-up, and pop-under ads on TPB only. There are also other great extensions such as AdBlock and Adblock Plus [neither blocker is affiliated with this extension] that block banner-type ads (but do not block pop-unders), and it may be a good idea to use one of those in combination with this extension.

Pandora AdBlock Plus

  • Number of Reviews : 655
  • Number of Users : 18,900
  • Author –

Removes Pandora Ads, Add Song Title to Title Bar and Gives You A Quick Access Bar.

– Removes Pandora In-Page Ads
– Removes Pandora Audible Ads (not just mute them!)
– Adds a quick access button to control the music and open Pandora.
– Removes Pandora Video Ads!(NEW!)
– Auto clicks on the “Are You Still Listening” button!


Though most of them are related to Adblock, each one has its own identity. For example if you want to block ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Gmail you can just use one Chrome extension – Adblock Pro. But if you want a more customized way of blocking ads, you can use Adblock Plus. I personally recommend this extension, as this also has a facility to white-list domains in case you want to see some ads on certain sites.

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Also the torrent site TPB has lot of annoying ads with lot of sexual content which can cause inconvenience to a cultural user. Adblock for Pirate Bay is useful in such scenarios where you want to get popular software for free, but don’t want to be discomforted by sexual ads. This was also tested by me and it works as intended. Adblock for Gmail is the one which I found most useful for small screen resolutions. Since reading mails in different lines takes more time than in fewer lines, this extension extends your Gmail mail area wider giving more scope to aesthetics and less ads.

Though I have not tested some of the other extensions, the number of reviews and users are a mark of their usefulness. If any Chrome extension doesn’t work immediately as expressed by the author, try to re-launch your Chrome browser. You can also ask support on the extension homepage, in case if you find any problems with a particular Ad blocking feature.

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