About the Author – Palla Sridhar

Palla Ramarao

About the Author

Palla Sridhar is the author and owner of several tech blogs in India.

Where is he from?

He hails from the scenic green and coast-line city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. He is a post-graduate in Civil Engineering (specialized in Geotechnical Engineering) from IIT Kanpur. He is mostly a lone-cat spending much of his professional time in teaching.

What he Writes?

When he is free and relieved from stress, he devotes his time to writing articles on Microsoft Windows, Health, SEO, Wordpres, Plugins, Google, Facebook and other branded software products. He reviews many problems encountered in his daily digital life and provides clear-cut solutions from forums and websites.

His taste encroaches Health, Travel and Engineering which can be seen in some of his new blogs.

My Open Invitation!!!

He welcomes any good English literate from other foreign countries and universities like UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia  to join his Blogging journey and create a good network of friends who can make money online.

My other websites are

  • pallareviews.com
  • healthdummy.org
  • gadgetspeak.net
  • indiatravelspirit.com
  • buywindowsantivirus.com
  • enggworks.com
  • seotipsit.com
  • autolifepasta.com

My Skype Id : palla.sree

Social Media Profiles

Twitter – @palla2009

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