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Palla Sridhar
Palla Sridhar is the author and owner of several tech blogs in India.

Where I’m from?

  • I hail from the scenic green and coast-line city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
  • I’m a Reserach Scholar and post-graduate in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur.
  • I spend most of my professional time as a lone-cat in blogging and tech videos.
  • Fascinated by the art of blogging in 2008, I’ve written well-over 2000 articles on various guest sites and on my own blogs.

What I write?

When I’m free and relieved from stress, I devote my time to writing articles on Microsoft, Health, SEO and WordPress.

I review many problems encountered in daily digital life and provides clear-cut solutions from forums and websites.

My passion for Google products started when I read this quote.

“All of a sudden, we’ve lost a lot of control,’ he said. ‘We can’t turn off our internet; we can’t turn off our smartphones; we can’t turn off our computers. You used to ask a smart person a question. Now, who do you ask? It starts with g-o, and it’s not God…”

Steve Wozniak

We know there are different Products and Services by Google.

These include Search, Maps, Translate, YouTube, Pixel, Android OS, Chromebook, Gmail, Google Duo and many others. They all add to the smart technology that we use in our homes and office.

But there are some issues in these products when you try to upgrade, update or use it. Did you ever faced such a issue?

Then, this blog tries to answer with easily understanding tutorials and fix guides to help the common Google Product user.

Why? Because, first of all finding the right resource even through Google is little difficult sometimes. Then the documentation is lengthy and not in formatted form. Otherwise, why would be there so many other blogs than Google!

In such cases, you need the right resources to find solutions to user experience and speed.

In this blog, we are trying to find answers to common problems faced by Google Product users like Google One, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Account etc. without losing the accuracy and accountability. .

About the Author - Palla Sridhar

When I'm free and relieved from stress, I devote my time to writing articles on Microsoft, Health, SEO and Wordpress.

Email: mail@thinkminds.co.uk

Address: 49-9-50, 1st Floor, 6th Lane Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530016, INDIA

Gender: Male

Job Title: Digital Marketing Consultant

My Open Invitation!!!

I welcome good English writers from other countries of UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia  to join my Blogging journey and create a good network to share their ideas.

You can write articles related to Google Products and Services and how to improve this site. In 2022, AI tools and Cloud services are important factors for career growth.

So if you can submit articles related to Gmail, Google Assistant, Android TV, Google WiFi, WearOS, Analytics, Adsense, Google Marketing platform etc I will be thrilled to publish them.

You can mail me your views, suggestions and opinion about this site to mail@thinkminds.co.uk

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