[Solution] WordPress Dashboard very slow after Updates

Recently I updated many of my sites to WordPress 3.9.1.

To my astonishment, the edits, saves, deletes in WordPress Admin Panel were very slow.



The current WordPress version is 5.6. Many of the security bugs and errors were fixed in the latest version. I also observed that HostGator is not fast enough as other hosting servers.

I have tried InMotionHosting, SiteGround and DreamHost. These were quite fast enough. Also, shared hosting can give some problems.

If you take VPS or Cloud plans, the problem may go away. But these are costly. Currently I’m using DreamHost’s DreamPress plan for one of my sites.

I found that WordPress Dashboard and page load speed are good. I was using HostGator in 2013. So there might be several changes. So before you purchase hosting plans, check with their support team for speed.


Initially I thought that my Internet connection must be slow. So I checked some other sites like yahoo.co.in which I visit frequently.

Fast page load can be achieved if you have the right CDN and asset optimization. In this case study, you can see how I was able to load my site within 90 secs using Cloudflare.

They were fast. Since I was using shared hosting on HostGator, I thought there was some server problem.

So I contacted my HostGator support. I used both email and ticket support.HostGator.comHostGator

Ticket: PBN-28928813
Hello there,

Thank you for contacting HostGator! I understand that you are seeing slow loading speeds for your WordPress admin area in regards to moving posts to the trash. While investigating this issue I found some fragmentation in your database which may be contributing to this issue.
shreen11_tech.wp_commentmeta is 96.77% fragmented.
shreen11_tech.wp_comments is 75.66% fragmented.
shreen11_tech.wp_links is 100.00% fragmented.

I’ve optimized your database’s disk usage which should speed up queries to it. I then logged into your site and created a test post named HG Test and deleted it. It took about 2-3 seconds for this action to complete which is slightly slower than normal but not by much.

How Plugins can Slow WordPress Dashboard ?

WordPress sites have many resources. Plugins are one of them. Each plugin functions as a code. But most of them leave remnants when uninstalled. Also they can add bulk of the database, if the plugin is not coded properly.  As can be seen below, some of the plugins were causing issues.

Hosting server plays a main role in the speed of WordPress dashboard. Shared hosting can reduce the speed of operations like publishing and adding images to the site. Page Speed Optimization plugin can also make your site blazingly fast.


I also see that you have several plugins that are most likely being called when these actions are taking place which is likely the culprit here.
Google XML Sitemaps
WP Sitemap Page
WordPress SEO
Contextual Related Posts

Plugins are normally the cause of any slow speed issues with WordPress. I would suggest disabling all of your plugins for testing purposes and then re-enable each of them one at a time testing in between each one. This way you can find the plugin causing this issue.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please let us know.
Thanks and have a great day!

John P.
Linux Systems Administrator
HostGator, LLC

Though the email chat support took some time to initiate, it also gave a similar solution. Another noticeable thing is that, my WordPress websites automatically update to the newer versions. Though updates like 3.8.3, 3.9.0 didn’t cause any problem, 3.9.1 noticeably slowed my WordPress Admin operations.

Wordpress Panel Slow
How To Activate Deactivate WordPress Plugins At once

The Solution

So if you are facing a similar problem like mine, deactivate all your plugins.

Then try to activate each plugin one by one. Or else, you can reactivate all of them again at once. This is using check-box option present in WordPress Admin panel.

This should normally bring back the speed of your WordPress saves, edits, deletes etc. It’s also important that you have few plugins as possible.

This also impacts the site loading speed and Admin panel operations.

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