PageSpeed Ninja Review – Speed Up WordPress Website

PageSpeed Ninja WordPress is a great plugin to boost your site performance. It not only allows you to automate page optimization tasks, but shows the result in the dashboard itself.  You need a good speed grade and user experience to rank up high in Google and Bing. If your site is taking 5 to 10 seconds to load initially, then the user will go to the next fast website. Cache and Minification are one of

GTMetrix Speed Test Results (With and Without) Hummingbird Pro Plugin

GTMetrix tool is one of the ways of testing page speed. Server location and browser settings can be different. You need to sign-up to save the results. Page speed is one of the important ranking signals. Load time less than 3 seconds is a good indication of a well optimized site. Each site is unique. WordPress has different resources like JS, CSS, HTML for static content. WooCommerce kind of shopping cart will produce dynamic pages.

Hummingbird Pro Plugin – Does It Improve Page Load Speed?

WordPress Performance Plugin is needed to convert dynamic content to static content. Page Speed plugin promises to improve google ranking and caching. WPMU DEV Hummingbird is one such resource that has lot of features for caching, gzip compression and asset optimization. CSS, JS, HTML resources need to minified. Image optimization to get the right page experience. Core Web Vitals improve with Hummingbird performance plugin. User Experience can improve on better page speed optimization. Largest contentful

Google Optimize Images – How to Smush Photos for Web

To get faster page load times, image optimization for website is a key feature. Simple things like compressing the images can save a lot of CPU, RAM and bandwidth. Consider the round trip time for each image to be loaded. Make Image smaller either manually or using a plugin like WP Smush Pro. PNG Image Optimize is one of the advantages of image compression plugins. No need of doing it manually. Select the directories and

Google PageSpeed Insights – Errors in Mobile and Desktop

Google PageSpeed Insights is a powerful tool to test the speed and Core Web Vitals of your site. After May 2021, the mobile score and user experience metrics play a major role in the site search engine rankings.  The speed score of Mobile and Desktop are based on the Lab report of Lighthouse tool. Be Cautious! If you lose the SERP positions, you will also lose your revenue. Optimization score is how well your site

Railgun and Auto-Minify in Cloudflare – Their Role in Web Page Load Speed (Case-Study)

The importance of web page loading speed can be seen in Google rankings. The holy grail of every web site and blog is to reduce the page load speed to below 3 secs. As you have seen in my other case-study, a 1 second delay in loading speed can take away millions of dollars or even billions. Bloggers who are using WordPress know the importance of web page optimization. If they can reduce the number

How to Improve Web Page Speed – Test Conducted to See the Results (Case-Study)

Google has made it clear in 2010 itself, that page load time and website speed are important factors to rank high in SERPs. CSS Sprites, Caching, Image optimization, Web hosting play a major role in website load speed optimization. In June 2009, Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team spoke about the results of an experiment conducted by Google. In this analysis, Google purposefully delayed the search results by half-a-second. This